Saturday, June 24, 2006
Roskilde Countdown - 2! -1!
So work got the best of me - Sorry for the no post countdown. Anyway here's to a great Roskilde Festival.
I promise to do a thorough review of the festival when I get back, with plenty of music!
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Roskilde Countdown - 3!
Three days to go! Besides the afore mentioned weather another factor in the Roskilde experience is the food. I think most people always start out figuring they can live on Faaborg (Pictured) ,a paté with no expiry date. (good tips for sprousing this baby up is plenty of salt and pepper and a lot of cucember) Two or three days in people normally give up this venture - it is simply not that good nor healthy for that matter.
If you are willing to pay for it though, there is actually some really good food available at Roskilde, old favorites being the Louisiana Burger and the cheap Bruschetta. Another firm fixture on the cullenary table is a bowl of curry soup - These are exelent when its three in the night and you're still drunk trying to figure out how to carry on.

So music time - Delightfully enough, Whomadewho are comming this year, though I have seen them twice I cannot get enough. It is definetly a concert worth seeing, highlights probably being funny costumes, Out the Door, and the performance of Satisfaction.

Where: Thursday, 18:30, Metropol Stage

Todays song is the b-side of the Space for Rent single( think). I don't know if I'm the only one hearing this every know and then, but to me Whomadewho have some weird touch of Pink Floyd to them? This is especially apparent on this track where you have the time to focus on the music and not just get caught up in good rythems.

Whomadewho - Space for Rent (Green Version)
Buy Whomadewho here
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Roskilde Countdown 3½!
I totally missed that talented Nordstrøm would be playing at Roskilde Festival this year. Nordstrøm have done the best Danish song all year - Berlin! It's a wonderful homeage to the German capital done by something as rare as a good Danish electropop band! Thus I strongly urge you to go see Nordstrøm if you are going to Roskilde this year.

Where: Sunday, Campingstage, 18:00

The chorus roughly translated:
Baby I'm yours
Who can sleep in Berlin
You're my medicin
Who can sleep in Berlin
Berlin, Berlin, Berlin
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Roskilde Countdown - 4!
The weather is of course always a huge factor - the weather during a Danish summer is just as predictable as the throw of a dice. The forecast seems quite optimistic though, so hopefully... If not there's allways the well sheltered electronic scene.
Thus if it rains Goldfrapp are definete must. Actually, scratch that - I'm looking forward to seeing them whether it rains or not. I'm not going to do a big write up, I'm a bit lazy and you all know Goldfrapp!
Thus just a random list of words associated with the 'Frapp: Sex, Subversion, Style, Humour, Glam, Theater, Synth, Soul, Marlene Dietriech, Gold, Eurocentric, and ehm Sex again.

Where: Sunday, 20:30, Metropol (At the same time as Spank Rock, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs - Well planned program there...)

Todays song is an old M83 Reworking of Black Cherry. The lush synth waves of M83 goes really well with miss Goldfrapps wonderful voice producing a quite melancholic theme. This song has a decidedly wintery sound to it, so hopefully this can cool down a long hot week (I wish). Any ways, enjoy this beautiful song.

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (M83 Remix)
Get gold here
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Roskilde Countdown - 5!
The next five days are going to be the countdown until Roskilde Festival for me - The musical highlight of every year! Since I'm going on sunday that means 5 posts - 1 every day and 1 song every day (maybe 2).
The songs in these posts are not neccisarily the things I'm looking forward to seeing, more just appetizers for people going.

So with no further delays:


This year of course is going to be special since it also falls smack into the middle of the world cup as well. That basically means entertainmet 24 7 during the whole festival.
Someone probably not enjoying the world cup, or anything else in particular, is Morrissey. The old lordship of British rock is getting a shot at the big stage which is going to interesting. I my oppinion at least the Moz is more suited for a smaller darker stage where he can go on playing his homosexual innuendos, advocating animal rights, dodging rasicm claims and hate on the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong though, Saint Moz is probably going to do one of the best concerts this year, hopefully with poisonous attacks at some British MP who no one knows. Thus for Moz alone I would recommend people going to see him.

Where: Friday, 19:00, Orange Stage

Todays song by the Moz is the lead single from his latest album, and I think probably the song with his best chorus for ten years. The song is probably inspired by his move to Rome - At least the song contains quite a lot of Italian references. Thus for anyone doubting that the moz still wears his hat full of hate, enjoy You Have Killed Me

Morrissey - You Have Killed Me
Get your gay bitter on
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Friday, June 16, 2006
The Knife (Perfection Remixes)
So today's post is a bit yesterdays news for some people, maybe, but the songs I want to share simply rock my world. First though a small introduction to the remix victims of the day:
Swedish band The Knife, now on their second album has released some really excellent singles, most notably club classic Heartbeats - famously covered in some commercial (You all know it, trust me!).
Apparently many people were aware of the qualities of the Knife way before me, my girlfriend even tipped me of on them, half a year before anyone else! (Kudos to her!). I for one though didn't really get what the hype was all about. Granted what I heard sounded pleasing, but in no way fit for the dance floor, more good in a sort of good day at the beach kind of way. Don't get me wrong it was good, but it really lacked that certain something.
Then one day, browsing through a record shop, I noticed that Heartbeats had been released as a single: "hmmm interesting" I thought, "I wonder who did the remixes?"- First name was some guy called Rex The Dog which had gotten some really good hype on the net, but I hadn't really gotten around to hearing what the fuzz was about. Obviously, I put the record on and boom - It dawned on me: The Knife were actually really good, but in fact they were even better "remix victims", their songs were of such quality that when turned to the right angle they shinned like diamonds. Actually my The Knife write up will end on that note, The Knife are like diamonds - better enjoyed multifaceted.

So in that spirit: Two really good remixes of The Knife.

First song is We Share our Mothers Health redone by Danish Man-of-the-moment King-of-the-hill Lord-of-the-dance Anders Trentemøller. The Trent has done a really good job with this song, giving it that sort of pure clean (not minimal mind you) sound that has made him famous. The song ends up sounding like some aggressive Chinese women running through a snowy forest carrying a big synth and a drum machine while being chased by a big Commodore 64 loving bear! Enjoy

The Knife - We Share our Mothers Health (Trentemøller Remix)
Get it here

Second song is Marble House reworket by none other than Rex The Dog. This song is actually vintage Rex - A warping synth base, good snare and some cut up vocals. The song in many ways does the trick of heartbeats again. A looong buildup before the chorus, but when you then finally get there its like the perfect release, it's like ten days of perfect tunes, a magic rush.

The Knife - Marble House (Rex The Dog Remix)
Get even more knife Here

Bonus: We share our Mothers Health Video:
The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health

This post of course also goes out to the Swedish national team, The Knife being Swedish and all. Since Denmark isn't playing, do Scandinavia proud:
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Monday, June 12, 2006
Superheroes - Behind their masks just normal people
Introducing Superheroes - one of the most underrated bands in Danish history (That might not be saying alot).
Superheroes were found in small Danish town Skive far from Copenhagen, but apparently not far from some powerful creative source - Junior Senior are also from near there.
Actually Superheroes lead singer Thomas Troelsen was the guy who did the 'everybody - move your feet and united - who oh oh ohh' part o Move your Feet by Junior Senior.

The sound of the Superheroes is something of a catchy mix between the new romantics sound, a really good indie band and especially a good ear for the perfect pop-melody! Hmmm so you are thinking something along the lines of The Killers right? in a sense true, but with the exception that they were 6 or 7 years too early. If any fairness had existed, then Superheroes were the biggest band in the world right now - so much for being way before your time...

Also deserving a mention is their record label Crunchy Frog - home of Superheroes, Junior Senior, Heavy Trash and the Raveonettes.

First song is Miami. From the initial question/answer: Where do YOU wanna go? I wanna to to MIAMI!, to the persistent drums, to the C-c-c-come on!, this is one of the best dance tracks ever. This song is two and a half minuttes of pure pop, this song can do no wrong. If this blog should have a soundtrack, this song might be one of the strongest candidates. Anyone Danish reading this blog knows this song, but for those who don't, this is a must have/hear/dance!

Superheroes - Miami
Get it here

Second song is Johnny and I featuring the enigmatic Senior from Junior Senior - Troelsens voice gets to shine in the company of Senior! Catchy chorus, super synth, and a Beatles build-up every now and again. There is no reason that the Superheroes didn't become the greatest band on earth.

Superheroes - Johnny and I
Get it here
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Smile Smile - New Lily Allen Video!
Allen Video!

Whoopee, the new video for Lily Allens song Smile is here! The song lyrics are about ex-boy friend hate - A classic topic, but done in a non whinny way, which is what makes this song so good.
In the video Lily enjoys a bit giving her ex. a bit of thug lovin', house demolition, laxative mayhem and worst of all record destruction.

Bonus: Enjoy her wonderful smile as he comes to her place after his has been destroyed - That smile is enough to justify this video staying number one on whatever video charts there are!

Bonus Bonanza: The video of LDN can be seen below! This post should now make anyones summer good.

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Monday, June 05, 2006
We always try to see Techno music from the Pop side
The Cologne-based label Kompakt has delivered some of the most memorable electronic music of this decade and is a favourite here on the blog. Although the sounds on the Kompakt are pretty varied, it’s the minimalist tech house-sound that made the label famous. Even though most of the tracks on the label find their perfect environment in sweaty underground clubs with big sound systems, Kompakt boss Michael Mayer has often stated that the Kompakt sound is essentially pop in its nature. Here’s an excerpt from a 2002 interview, where the Kompakt pop philosophy is explained in detail:

We still do Pop music. The moment you do music like this repetitive music where your parents can't separate one record from the other, it sounds all the same to them. This moment you maybe start to discover little things in the music. They become like a Pop sign, something you can recognise. We always try to see Techno music from the Pop side.

It's maybe just a fragment of the melody. If you take a Pet Shop Boys record and hear a beautiful layer at the beginning, you take this layer and cut it and it only sounds like a blip but you know it's the Pet Shop Boys.«

Now Michael Mayer has actually gotten the chance to remix a Pet Shop Boys track. Normally you would expect to have to listen pretty carefully for the pop elements, as his remixes usually end up as banging tech-house monsters. For this mix, it seems that Mayer didn’t dare to deconstruct his idols in this way, and you'll have no problem hearing Pet Shop Boys in there.
The tune wears its poppiness on proudly on its skin – instead of cutting the track up and making an abstract composition out of the parts, Mayer keeps the vocal and melody, and focuses on giving the tune a nice big room house sheen.

Pet Shop Boys – Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt Mix)
Buy it here
also available on the double-disc edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album Fundamental

Continuing in the techno-pop direction is a remix of Lovefood from Mayer’s 2004 album Touch, where he and Matias Aguayo splice the track with Kylie Minouges’ Slow, and end up with a dark and sexy affair that we’d love to see Kylie do a video for.

Michael Mayer / Matthias Aguayo - Slow
Buy it here

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