Monday, April 28, 2008
One of the plagues
I still F'-ing love the Gomma label - truly Germanys finest (Sorry Kompakt - you will always be in my heart). Even more so when they are releasing Antoine Harispuru aka Golden Bug, king of dark synth lines, pounding drums and cut up aesthetics. Golden Bug did a good release back in the fall last year, and it's about time that something new was to surface. The brilliant single I Can't Stop is tse shops Jetzt as they say in Germany.

Here are two select cuts, both intensely enjoyable in their dark and brooding form:

Golden Bug - I Can't Stop
Golden Bug - Rocket City
Get single here

I've been listening a lot to this next remix - I really enjoyed the first Wombats single - Let's dance to joy division, but didn't really get further than that. Here a remix I really like though:

Wombats - Backfire at the Disco (South Central Remix)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
A slice of heaven - Cousin Cole on fire

Today is a single tune post, it's the Cousin Cole edit of Bruce Springsteens I'm on Fire. Not sure how to write about this actually. Bruce is of course the future of rock and judging on Cousin Coles edit, he is the future of remix.
This edit is the most delicate and wonderful thing I've heard in ages, and not just because it's Bruce. The song isn't hammered with Bmore drums and breaks, no rather it is delicatly woven into a space disco classic. This hyper delicate song which is perfect as a gem has become blessed with mirrorball late night heaven. I wan't this to be played when I'm carried to the grave. I could seriously go on for ages about the quality of this edit, but I should Springsteen & Cole do it their way:

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire (Cousin Cole Bad Desire Mix)

*NEW LINK* Cousin Cole has sent out the real deal. God bless him!

PS The super-limited (200 hand-screened copies) unmixed CDs for Tambourine Dream (with a bonus track from Pocketknife) will be in stores in a week or so.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008
Cover are my fascination
The hype mill called the blogosphere is going cover bonanza these days. The cover as a genre is at best a tricky mistress, best left to Copy, Right - an old blog by any standard specialising in nothing but covers, covers, covers, well worth a visit. I usually refrain from posting covers, as they always seem a bit forced, but today is as you've already guessed an exception.

You should know Grovesnor by now, he did the excellent opener Nite Moves on Hot Chip's DJ-Kicks album. A song so stellar that the rest just seemed bland. The 'snor has done a nice understated cover of Robyn's With Every Heartbeat, which you all know by heart:

Grovesnor - With Every Heartbeat

Danish high school pop sensation Alphabeat aren't going to let Grovesnor get the better of them, so they've done a cover of Daft Punk's classic Digital Love. They've secured the help of Frankmusic and Leon Jean Marie. It's fan-cover-fucking-tastic - Oh, and to the Alphabeat haters out there, please stop deluding yourself.

Alphabeat - Digital love

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Monday, April 07, 2008
Welcome to jungle baby
A bunch of nice things have crawled their way into my mailbox these last few days. Here is the cream of the crop:

Headman is releasing a new single on the ever cool Gomma label, they should do a subscription service - We're talking nothing but quality, quality and even more quality. The by now vintage sounding drum sound of Headman tickles my personal snare drum in a highly - Here in a highly enjoyable Bag Raiders remix. There is a new album available soon by the way. Stay tuned for more info!

Headman - Catch me if you can (Bag Raiders Remix)

Secondly there is a nice euro bass sounding remix of mother in law favorite Dizzee Rascal's Sirens. It's a bass drum underneath the original, but effective as hell.

Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (Black Lights Remix)

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