Tuesday, October 30, 2007
We loves your Kylie - Something Something

The very cool people in Studio, have made a wonderful remix of Kylies 2 Hearts, which has found it's way to my inbox. It actually is really good, but even if it wasn't I'd still post it, just to be able to add some more pictures of pops true chameleon (Madonna who? Nah, doesn't ring a bell). The remix sounds like sun and Lindström in a Spanish bar drinking tequilla.

Kylie - 2 Hearts (Studio Remix)
Get single here

And the video, if you've missed it by some chance:

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Saturday, October 20, 2007
Cold cold rain
The Glass have been nice enough to send me some tracks a couple of weeks ago. To my recollection they broke throught the soundbarrier, coming in on the slipstream of electroclash, along with Mylo, sort of preempting the whole new French house thing.

The general sound is that of the high-class New York electro thing that we all so desperatly want to be apart of - Here's to being stuck in gray and rainy Copenhagen:

The Glass - Fourteen Again

The Glass - Mad at You (Arveene & Misk Remix)

The Glass - Come Alive (Casper Bjørke Remix)

Get their new album Couples Therapy Here

The last song will serve as a link to new Danish man of the moment (and appently Erlend Oye stunt double) Kasper Bjørke, normally in cahoots with Thomas Barfod in house outfit Filur, who's album from last year, Into The Wasteland, was sadly passed by in the greater blogosphere.
Bjørke, titled as the neon prince among friends, released In Gumbo last month reciving a lot of deserved praise. It's electro as it is defined these days and it's quite good if you didn't know!

Kasper Bjørke - Liquid Propagnosia ft. Dennis Young & JaConfetti

Get the great album In Gumbo Here

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Friday, October 12, 2007
Back in Glitter

Ryan Justin is a nice guy and he just sent over this wonderful track:

Boyz Noize - & Down (Ryan Justin Edit)

It's a stompin' edit worthy of a trashy DJ-set tonight!

Also the nice boys at Gomma sent over a discodelic Kaos remix of casio-core calculator favorite Rodion.

It's not as analogue as you normally expect when hearing Rodion, but it does do the job:

Rodion - Electric Soca (Kaos Remix)

The original cut is on Rodion's debut album that has just been released and this remix will be featured on a forthcoming 12" together with fellow Italians Crookers and Cosmo Vitelli remixes.

Dammit when your mailbox is full of the above life is great!

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