Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Distortion likes Distortion
This week is CPH Distortion week - An annual event which should be taken note of. The various parts of wonderful Copenhagen gets it electronica on and dances four days straight. Line-up here. Everything is as it should be - take note of young Mike Sheridan (about 15-16 years!!). Denmarks greatest up and coming talent on minimal scene. If you don't catch him here, be sure not to miss him at Roskilde, where he finally, if there there is any justice left in this world, will be accepted into a broader musical conscience.

Here is a low-quality version of his great release Alt & Intet on Mermaids in Space. Bass deep as the deepest ocean, click, boom, click. Dancy catchy, rarely does echo effects sound this good. Blogosphere take note!

Mike Sheridan - Alt & Intet (EXPIRED)


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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Some fancy Portuguese title

Every now and then a cover pops up, which is so awesome that it scores off every thinkable chart. Sao Paulo's Jesus with friggin' laser beams for eyes. Take that every other cover in the world.

As readers of this blog might know I like going to the Roskilde Festival every year, and this year is no different. Therefore I plan to do some posts on some the things I'm to see, just to sort of educate the masses - Or something like that.

One the semi-obscure bands to hit the festival this year is Bonde Do Role from Brazil. Born from vodka and an heavy metal bar, and invented by Diplo, they do the bailefunk with a touch of the dreaded 'nu-rave' (Still the worst name of a genre in my book). Despite the nu-rave touch this actually is highly recommendable.

Bondo Do Role - Quero Te Amar
more info here


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Friday, May 18, 2007
We need an enigma device!

Another pleasentry has just made its way through the mailslot of my door! A niece piece of neo-pop by Codebreaker of Milwaukee. Exiled! as their album is called is a surprisingly nice collection of popgems, drawing from a zillion reference points. Musically it's somewhere between Phoenix, New Order, Yazoo, Hot Chip and American MOR college indie. This album is going to be a smooth part of my summer soundtrack.

Exiled! is the the name of the lead single game. It's funky guitar, handclaps (Handclaps always score highly on the Distortion Disco charts), synths and vocoder. The track is pretty symptomatic of the album - seriously infectious and head bopping.

Codebreaker - Exiled!
Buy it here

Second track Are You Ready 2 Love? - A big resounding Yes from here! Any track that paraphrases the bass drum from Blue Monday is always welcome in my home. Aside from that you should note how this song effortlessly mixes a warm disco house sound into a rather fresh sounding new cocktail of insisting basslines and a guitar that James Brown would've been glad to have as a mainstay in his backing band.

Codebreaker - Are You Ready 2 Love?
Buy it here


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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
...and we're back

So I'm back! Thesis handed in and vacation in Seville over and done with. First thing I did was of course to check my mail and to my delight a couple of remixes had found their way into my possesion. Cool independent label Off the Wall have released Studio's Life's a Beach featuring remixes by both Prins Thomas and Todd Terje. A nice combo which in itself merits you checking out the 12". Dan Lisvikk and Rasmus Høgg have made a small disco gem, fitting perfectly into the scandinavian nu disco sound.

Thomas takes the brooding original and fusses it with with distinct space guitar. Essentially this means that Thomas takes the night party of the original and puts it out there at noon - Sun blasting!

Studio - Life's a Beach (Prins Thomas Remix)
get it here

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