Thursday, March 29, 2007
Late Nite Wood
Two things I'm looking forward to this year is the new Björk album, and the M.I.A. album. I usually don't care that much for Björk, but hearing that the album is produced by none other than Timbaland does make you rather curious. It's a thing that basically can go both ways. Timbo's albums normally aren't that great, and Björk is always dangerously close to the loony bin. This odd-couple in a studio though might be a match made in heaven (or it might be totally crap).
A more safe bet is the forthcoming M.I.A. album, apparantly called Power Power, which should drop pretty soon. I think we're going to see more in the vein of the Bird Flu song which is like the old M.I.A. with a bit more of everything added. Judging by M.I.A.'s collaboration with Timbo it's going to be good, and it also shows that Timbo still knows how to twiddle them knobs (he is consistantly one of the best producers in the game). Timbo's new album, from which the track of the day stems, is out on April 3rd.

Timbaland Feat. M.I.A. - Come Around
preorder Timbo's album here

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Monday, March 26, 2007
Blinded by the Sun

We are getting closer to summer, to celebrate that here are 3 numbers for your listening pleasure:

Just Jack - Glory Days (Switch Remix)

Digitalism - TVTV

Daft Punk - Around the World (KilldahypeRemix)

Buy them here, or here, or here.
Sorry for the quickies lately.. Damn busy with the damn thesis - 1½ month to go!

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Friday, March 23, 2007
And visuals for all
Just found this great video of the visuals from the Justice thing at Vega a month back!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The Swede & The Music
Emmon is getting the questionable honour of being post number 100 on this blog! Emmon is from Sweden and also part of indie band Paris. Being from the great neighbour to the east of course means that Emmon has great tunes and great pop flair. Apparently it's genetic. Also there is a nice 50's aesthetic side to her, which I love.

If you're in Copenhagen you can see her perform sometime late April - According to her website the live show is "hot, addictive and sweaty" - nice stuff. There is also a Melody Club remix in the works.

Tune of the day is Frenzy Eyes which features a nice italo disco style synth bass line, disco handclaps galore, nice pads, and nice vocals. Everything this blog likes.

Emmon - Frenzy Eyes
get it here


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Sunday, March 18, 2007
I'd like to sweat
Ph.D. in psychology? Vegan? Retired offically at the age of 25 (Jay-Z style)? It's Roxanna Shanté! A pioneer of female hip hop, rapping on one of my favorite songs of all time (here), on the new basement Jaxx single! Yes please, one of those.
I'll bet that that this is what Uffie hears in hear head when she is doing whatever it is she is doing.

An updated b-side, vintage Jaxx - vintage Rox'.
Basement Jaxx - Make Me Sweat
Buy it here

On of the first female hate tracks!
Roxanne Shanté - Roxannes Revenge
Buy it here

A nice bio here

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Monday, March 12, 2007
It's not really Hey Ya! yet

Cousin Cole has whipped up an excellent DJ friendly version Peter Bjorn & Johns Young Folks. Although played almost to it's breaking point, I still enjoy this song.

Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Cousin Cole Re-Edit)
Get the original here

Head on over to The Fader - Get the great Mark Ronson remix of Lily Allen feat. Wale. It's not like the new Ronson remix, rather more laid back, and with Wale giving Lily a run for her money:

Now you're calling me up on the phone, so you could have a little whine and a moan. (No I was just bored baby!)

Delightful stuff!

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Sunday, March 11, 2007
We will follow her
For some reason the new single by Kompakt approved Ercola hasn't recieved that much attention, which is weird - it features ANNIE! It's a fast paced rollercoaster ride, pounding beats and wonderful vocal - Like a new Kylie single in the best possible sense. It's what this blog hopes the majority of Annies new album will sound like.

Ercola Feat. Annie - Follow Me
Buy it here

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Busy busy busy
Still fighting the good fight against my thesis. About 2 months to go! I haven't of course forgotten about the nice people who read this blog - I know you are out there! - Therefore a couple of gems to keep you coming back for more!

Claude Vonstroke - The Whistler (Diplo Remix)

Stardust - Music Sounds Better (in Miami Horror Remix)

In other news Danish dancefloor captain TomBoy has released his new album on Gomma. Make sure you get this, apparently its setting dancefloors on fire all over the world according to Gomma: "We get nice feedback for this nice new tracks: Mylo plays it, Laurent Garnier likes it, Rub n Tug say they love it, Tiga is in love, we are of course too.and so should u!" - Distortion Disco will of course check into this release in a near future post!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007
Romario was nothing without Laudrup
New York quartet Brazilian Girls went to play battlezone Copenhagen tonight. Dodging groups of anarchist rable and police, I went to see them.
Not a huge showing, but enough people for the place not to seem empty. The usual hype crowd weren't there which was a surprice - or did I just miss something?
Lets start with what is almost as important as they sound - how they look. The guys looked like a backing band hired to do whatever it is they do. One of them had dreadlocks... This is still the biggest don't if you're not in reggae band. The singer, Sciubba, was cool on the other hand! Pink cat suit, pink stilettos, yellow flowerthingy. A cool focal point, in an otherwise bland presence.
The style of Brazilian Girls is something of a wildcard to describe. Something like, the calypso drums of Poor Leno, disco house, jazz (as always in the worst sense), a bit of punk, and Bjørk. Surprisingly effective at time, surprisingly boring at times. Not the best concert of my life, but by far also not the worst.

Get samba rythms here

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Friday, March 02, 2007
Watashi wa Disco-San Des ka?
Here is a quicky for you, since I'm busy writting my thesis. The Trent doing Robyns Konichiwa Bitches! Thats right, take that bitches...

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemøller Remix)

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