Saturday, March 03, 2007
Romario was nothing without Laudrup
New York quartet Brazilian Girls went to play battlezone Copenhagen tonight. Dodging groups of anarchist rable and police, I went to see them.
Not a huge showing, but enough people for the place not to seem empty. The usual hype crowd weren't there which was a surprice - or did I just miss something?
Lets start with what is almost as important as they sound - how they look. The guys looked like a backing band hired to do whatever it is they do. One of them had dreadlocks... This is still the biggest don't if you're not in reggae band. The singer, Sciubba, was cool on the other hand! Pink cat suit, pink stilettos, yellow flowerthingy. A cool focal point, in an otherwise bland presence.
The style of Brazilian Girls is something of a wildcard to describe. Something like, the calypso drums of Poor Leno, disco house, jazz (as always in the worst sense), a bit of punk, and Bjørk. Surprisingly effective at time, surprisingly boring at times. Not the best concert of my life, but by far also not the worst.

Get samba rythms here

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