Wednesday, February 21, 2007
It came from the Downundervers
I wonder whats up (or is that down?) with Australia. Cut Copy, The Presets and hype bonanza Van She. It's the place to be on the other hemisphere.
Latest blossom to emerge is Muscles. Sounding like a Lo Fi FNK coverband gone techno. Catchy tunes galore and lots of humor - Hurra!

He has a single out on Bang Gang 12" sometime April - Be sure to pick that up. Distortion Disco is placing a handsome amount on this guy being big this year.

First tune is Ice Cream - candidate for best chorus this year: "Ice Cream is going to save the day - again!" - Hmmm maybe we should start bombarding select areas of the world with ice cream? This tune is what being 12 years old is all about. Dancy, funny and unavoidable. Oh yeah and infectious synths!

Muscles - Ice Cream
Bang Gang 12" Records

Second tune is Chocolate Raspberry Lemon and Lime. Twee UK-garage anyone? Rhyming Lemon and Lime with You're mine is nothing short of pure genious. This is what a 2007 love song should sound like. Filled with falic imagery what more can we want?

Muscles - Chocolate Raspberry Lemon and Lime
Bang Gang 12" Records

Be sure to drop by Big Stereo for new Van She vs Utah Saints also on Bang Gang 12"


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