Sunday, May 20, 2007
Some fancy Portuguese title

Every now and then a cover pops up, which is so awesome that it scores off every thinkable chart. Sao Paulo's Jesus with friggin' laser beams for eyes. Take that every other cover in the world.

As readers of this blog might know I like going to the Roskilde Festival every year, and this year is no different. Therefore I plan to do some posts on some the things I'm to see, just to sort of educate the masses - Or something like that.

One the semi-obscure bands to hit the festival this year is Bonde Do Role from Brazil. Born from vodka and an heavy metal bar, and invented by Diplo, they do the bailefunk with a touch of the dreaded 'nu-rave' (Still the worst name of a genre in my book). Despite the nu-rave touch this actually is highly recommendable.

Bondo Do Role - Quero Te Amar
more info here


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