Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Roskilde Countdown - 4!
The weather is of course always a huge factor - the weather during a Danish summer is just as predictable as the throw of a dice. The forecast seems quite optimistic though, so hopefully... If not there's allways the well sheltered electronic scene.
Thus if it rains Goldfrapp are definete must. Actually, scratch that - I'm looking forward to seeing them whether it rains or not. I'm not going to do a big write up, I'm a bit lazy and you all know Goldfrapp!
Thus just a random list of words associated with the 'Frapp: Sex, Subversion, Style, Humour, Glam, Theater, Synth, Soul, Marlene Dietriech, Gold, Eurocentric, and ehm Sex again.

Where: Sunday, 20:30, Metropol (At the same time as Spank Rock, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs - Well planned program there...)

Todays song is an old M83 Reworking of Black Cherry. The lush synth waves of M83 goes really well with miss Goldfrapps wonderful voice producing a quite melancholic theme. This song has a decidedly wintery sound to it, so hopefully this can cool down a long hot week (I wish). Any ways, enjoy this beautiful song.

Goldfrapp - Black Cherry (M83 Remix)
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posted by Niall Quinn @ 10:03 AM  
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