Thursday, May 18, 2006
More than a club - Barça
Finally! Barça are back on top where they belong. Though this blog is not dedicated to football, you have to give respect where respect is due - My favorite team outside of Denmark are now the European Champions.
The final itself was not worth watching, but Barça have played some of the most beautiful football ever during this tournament, so all in all Barca are the just champions.

The song today is the hymn of FC Barçelona, the rallying call for Catalan football fans. Don't ask me what the lyrics are about. All I can make out is the cry Barça Barça Barça, and something about the colours of the jersey. Anyway here is a few minutes of goosebumps for glory of Barça:

The Hymn of FC Barçelona
Get your Barça on here

Bonus lyrics:

Tot el camp
es un clam
som la gent blaugrana,
tant se val d'on venim,
si del sud o del nord,
ara estem d'acord, estem d'acord,
una bandera ens agermana.
Blau grana al vent,
un cret valent,
tenim un nom,
el sap tothom:

Tots units fem forca
son molts anys plans d'afanys,
son molts gols que hem critdat,
I s'ha demostrat , s'ha demostraat,
que mai ningu no ens podra torcer.
Blau grana al vent,
un crit valent,
tenim un nam,
el sap tothom:
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