Friday, April 28, 2006
M to the O to the C K Y - Mocky
The keyboard wealding guy riding in his porcupine is Mocky. Currently residing in Berlin, this Canadian born singer is getting ready to release his new album Navy Brown Blues.
Mocky makes music which is always hard to describe - a weird mix of electro, soul, r'n b and rap. He describes it as: "My vision of pop" - This seems a reasonable catagorization, but you don't need to worry about that. You need only enjoy his smooooth voice and funny texts, a good example being breakthrough single Mickey Mouse Motherfuckers, which was his personal lament about having his name confused with mickey mouse (Something that would piss most of us off!)

When Mocky is not doing his thing he takes part of hilarious puppet rap group the Puppetmastaz. Besides that he is also a good friend of other Canadian ex-pat's Peaches, Jamie Lidell and Feist! One cool guy eh?

First song is the official single heralding the new album - Fightin' away the tears. A wonderful tune sounding like what you expect from a Mocky album with added vocals from Feist. I really like the very leaned back attitude of this song - actually this would probably make good café music. It sound like what Nora Jones would sound like if she was any good, plus its funny. Finally note the ooouuh ohh ouuh of Mocky, that a man who knows what it takes to be cool.

Mocky Feat. Feist - Fightin' Away the Tears
Buy Mocky here

Second song is like the first song from the new album. Actually I like this song more than the single, but that only means that the album is going to be really good. What is there to say... Good dance tune, good vocals, a bouncy beat and good rhymes. This is what it feels like to actually have to climb a mountain of whipped cream wearing protection pads - it's that smooth!

Mocky Feat. Taylor Savvy - elementary
Buy Mocky here
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