Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Tiga knows we're gonna want him

So, this is as long as I could possibly hold this of. This post is going to be about my personal electronic guru, or what you might call him. So without further ado - Tiga! This Canadian DJ/Producer burst onto the music scene, with electroclash anthem sunglasses at night - A song which along with his good looks made him a spearhead of the scene. Once in an interview he was asked about why he makes the insanely good dance music he does - he answered: “We live in the Age of Cruelty and every day I struggle to find my place in it. All I know I can offer the world is a thousand more adventures through dancing and light.” - Hell Yeah! You gotta love a statement like that!
After 'glasses Tiga released his excellent DJ-kicks album (This I feel is a must have in any dj's record bag) and along with that came the rather comical cover version of Nelly's Hot in Herre, still a bomb on the dancefloor.
Bombs on dance floors is actually what Tiga is all about. I can't remember one single Tiga song or remix, that isn't like that. When it comes to Tiga, it's not a question of whether it is going to be a bomb, only how big it is going to be!

This post is also a part of the ongoing Roskilde Festival Warm-up series. I was really pleased to see that he was coming to Roskilde, actually ecstatic is more correct. I think the safe bet is on him getting the electronic tent Saturday evening, or at least that's what I hope. Hopefully this will not only be dj-set - I would really like to see him strut his stuff with some of the material of his new album, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Finding songs for this days post was really hard - It was not a question of finding something to post, more a question of deciding what not to post. Seriously, I can't really find one single bad Tiga song/remix.

First song is of the new album Sexor (You gotta love that title!) and is called Far from Home. This song is basically the love child of Billy Jean and Stayin' Alive, just better. This song is not only perfect for every disco move in the book, but also for sort of walking like John Travolta (Picture the start of Saturday Night Fever) - Listening to this song while walking makes you so alpha you can't believe it, it's just that effective!

Tiga - Far from Home
Buy it here
Edit - Just found the video!!

Second song is Tiga turning the right dials and knobs on an LCD Soundsystem tune. This remix is not typical of Tiga, normally he sings his remixes himself. Yet another reason to love Tiga. The original song by LCD Soundsystem was good, but when Tiga really kicks in the bass drum on this number, you are just transported to a whole new level. James Murpheys vocal on this number is also worth watching out for. In a sense this song is also Tiga being true to his roots; look at the title of the remix

LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (Tiga's out of the trance closet mix)
Buy it here

Respect goes to Carlton!
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