Thursday, April 13, 2006
Who Gives a Damn About Justice!
"BECAUSE WE - ARE - YOUR FRIENDS! - YOU - WILL NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN!" - Imagine a whole dancefloor singing this, eventhough they never heard the song they are yelling along to before. That my dear readers is the power of Justice. Besides the drop of destilled electro genius that is We are Your Friends, Justice is mainly famed for making som incredible remixes. If you are lucky enough to find a song that has the words "Justice edit/remix" at the end, you know you're getting an anthem-like song., thats going to tear the dancefloor apart. His remixes are always rather heavy hitting in the most bass-drum sense meaning of the word. For some reason his remixes always have what appears to be a rock like quality to them, without actually using guitars.

The first song of the day is his recent edit of Franz Ferdinands "The Fallen" - an already great song even by Franz Ferdinand standards. One of the surprisingly many plusses of this song is the fact that Justice makes Alex Kapranos come of as an electro rapper from the future. The song is amazingly consistent and even though it seems to go all over the bord you never actually seem to loss ear of the original.

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
Buy it here

The second song is more electroish in the same vein as We are You're Friends. It's a wonderful remix Scenario Rocks - Skitzo Dancer. From the almost comically deep voice telling us that "it's just before midnight" to the gut pounding drums - Pure genius, nothing more, nothing less! I dare you not to get you're adrenalin going when hearing this remix.

Scenario Rock - Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)
Buy it here

Note! even though the posts these first few times have been rather consistent at least on the level that they appear on a regular basis, I think I have to say that there might be days when I can't be arsed to a post - Bear with me!
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