Tuesday, April 11, 2006
For the Love of Ewan Pearson

This will be my first post, and what better way than to do a post about the lovely Ewan Pearson - man of not a few pleasent remixes.
Pearsons remixes always seem to be aware of its starting point, the original song. He never totally mangles a number into something which does not resemble the original - Something which at least makes sure that you almost always know what you're getting from him.

If you look at his homepage you can see one of those playlist/favorites list of music that a DJ apparantly always needs to have. (Not at bad thing actually since it lets us mere mortals get a chance at knowing whats going to be cool next). From this list-thingie it looks like he has done a remix of Franz Ferdinands "outsiders" - sounds thrilling. Lets hope it gets a release soon.

Anyway now for some music:
These two remixes are relatively new, both rather brilliant.

The first one is probably my favorite remix of the moment. Pearson has taken Goldfrapps already great song Ride a White Horse and given it the massive reworking that leads to the telling remix title a Disco Odyssey Parts 1 plus 2. An odessey is actually what this song is, comparable to The Odessey of Homer we are taken through a long journey, but we never loose our focus, vintage Pearson:
Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Parts 1 plus 2)
Buy it here

The second one is Pearson and Al Usher having some fun with Feist. The song actually sounds like what you would expect from a classic Goldfrapp, but this of course is no bad thing. It carries the typical half stripped down sound of Pearson, focussed on making people dance. The song is actually an old school disco sounding radio friendly song made dancefloor ready and stripped of vocals in this nice dub version:
Feist - Inside and Out (Ewan Pearson and Al Usher Dub)
Buy it here
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