Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Hot Chip Must be Destroyed
Todays post is about, one half funk-monster Prince - one half nice indie boys Travis, Hot Chip. I was lucky enough to see them at the Watergate club in Berlin. Five man strong, on an extremely small stage. They were excellent and really got the crowd going after a rather slow-paced show by Gavin and Delia.(Jean Michel Jarre did not live in vain)
I must admit I was rather sceptical about Hot Chip before going to see them, but as soooo many times before hype was right. The band has a really, and I dread this word, funky sound made from a weird cut and paste mix-up of various very analogue sounding instruments. On top of this two rather querky singers offer some actually quit funny lyrics: "I'm sick of motherfuckers telling me to get down with Prince!" - Amen.
Todays two songs demonstrate the Hot Chip'ian versatility:
This first one is a remix by German Kompakt Wunderkind Justus Köhncke. Leaving the traditional non-computer sound of Hot Chip Justus instead dips this track into the great electrical bucket of fun. The result is an even more danceable version of the original:
Hot Chip - Over and Over (Justus Köhncke Remix)
Buy it here

The second track is actually not a Hot Chip song, instead it is a remix by them. The Hot Chip sound is in many ways similar to that of their remix victims: The Go! Team. Ladyflash in this version actually sounds more like a cover done by Hot Chip than an actual remix:
The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Hot Chip Remix)
Buy it here

Tim Sweeneys homepage offers a DJ set by Hot Chip if you don't mind rumaging around a bit. It should be quite good, judging by the tracklist.

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