Sunday, April 23, 2006
Look at the Zdar, look how he shines for you
So who is this guy then? That's Phillipe Zdar, real name Philippe Cerboneschi, part of Cassius, Motor Bass, La Chatte Rouge and also known under the alias A Bass Day. Thus it's probably fair to call him one of the big wheels that has kept on pushing French house into the musical mainstream.
Under the moniker Zdar (Star) he has taken his musical influences away from the now a bit worn house scene of France and gone for a more midatlantic post electroclash sound which sounds fresh, but at the same time it gives a nod to the scenes from which it was born.

First song of the day is taken from the Super Discount 2 record which was almost as good as the first one. Whereas the first Super Discount was an effective calling card for year 2000 French house, this one manages to do the same some five years later. The biggest difference I see between the two is this great love for monosynths which has sneaked into almost every musical genre of music at the moment anyway, but enough said - Enjoy Phillipe Zdar and Etienne De Crecy:

Etienne De Crecy & Philippe Zdar - Poisoned
Buy it here

Second song of the day is a remix of new single Don't U Want by electro god Tiga. This is how the collaboration came about:
“I first met philipe zdar when he rented my nightclub to do a video for cassius. A long time ago in a galaxy known as Canada. I knew about MC Solaar and I dug Cassius and I thought he had a very cool little mini-DV camera. We asked him to do a mixCD. It almost happened. We lost touch.
Next time I met them, Cassius were djing at a big party in montreal. We hung out. That night, before, during and after their set, I got a little, ummmmmm...... How can we put this??? Wasted? I have vague memories of trying to hug Phillipe......mumbling things like ", REALLY, I mean this night is incredible". The next day, high on a potent cocktail of professional shame and personal shock......i resigned myself: destiny had closed the door, however gently, on a ZDAR-TURBO alliance.
But time heals all wounds.
When 5 years later, I received the demo tracks.........i instantly knew our moment had come. ZDAR's crystal production had always been impossible to ignore but there was something more: the man himself. His voice, his vision, his dreams.....all on CDR.I choose 2 tracks. Any more, and it would be a fatal dose of funk”

Tiga , montreal feb 2005

A heart warming anecdote from Tiga there - And the actual song? - Brilliant with a dash of Tiga, now dance!

Zdar - Don't U Want (Tiga Remix)
Buy it here
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