Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Hi Fi / Lo Fi, Just as Long as it is FNK
Today's post will send us to Sweden. Interestingly I had to wait until my 5th post to do anything Swedish - This must be some sort of unofficial Mp3-Blog record! I'm doing this post to sort of celebrate that the new Lo Fi FNK album is released next week, at least according to their website. Their site is actually totally uninformative, so the best place to get some info about the band was here (A Swedish site, so consider yourself warned).
On another note I of course just learned that they played in Copenhagen last week - Why am I always the last one to know everything? Well too bad, now all there is left to do is to cross my fingers and hope for an appearance at Roskilde Festival.

How does these two hip-cats sound then? The only band that more or less gets name checked when talking about Lo Fi FNK is N.E.R.D. which is fair comparison. I actually think it's more on an attitude level, than on musical level. Both bands share a very enthusiastic approach to making music, which incedently is also why I took notice of Lo Fi FNK. The first track which stuck to my mind was Unighted which just blew me away with it's, ironically, lo-fi electro sound.

Enough chatting heres the music - The first tune is the radio edit, the version of the song that in an ideal world would be all over the radio, of Wake Up. Actually the song reminds me quite a lot of a weird mix between labelmates Hot Chip and some italio disco band that never made it big - That presentation should tickle everyone's fancy right?

Lo Fi FNK - Wake Up (Radio Edit)
Buy Lo-Fi FNK here

Besides doing their own thing, Lo Fi FNK also do some good remixes. This one is of a Le Tigre song, and I think they do a rather good job. In a sense they fuse the sound into the song that Junior Senior should have put into Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, but sadly didn't.

Le Tigre - After Dark (Lo Fi Fnk RMX)
Buy Le Tigre here
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  • At 4:11 AM, Anonymous Overlord said…

    Wake up er fandme smuk!

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