Friday, April 14, 2006
2 * Y = Richard X
So the guy on the left, holding his copy of Dare and looking pissed, is the pop-guru Richard X. The producer/DJ made his rise to fame with the bootleg Girls on Top EP, probably the main reason why we still can't seem to be free of the scurge that is bootlegs. Actually that EP more or less started the avalange that stills seems to bury mainstream music today.
After that, admittetly brilliant EP, Richard was set to become one of the new hip and happening underground producers that you would go to if you needed to get some of that, hard to get, pop-credibility - something the pop world always seems to crave. He has done some production on last years M.I.A. album Arular, Rachel Stevens' grossly neglegted album Come And Get It and of course on the album of Norwegian pop-princess Annie.
Richard X productions are hard to describe - maybe the most precise word is delicate? At least his songs and remixes seem to have a sterile quality to them, nothing bad of course and they always seem to start of rather slowly, but in the end you're always dancing!

The first of todays two songs is a remix of the old song Bizarre Love Triangle by one of my favorite bands New Order. His remix removes all the notions of MTV-jingles that sort of got attached to the original and instead makes sound like a song you would listen to while skiing downhill at insane speeds - if that makes sense at all. Sufficiant to say that is really really good:

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Remix)
Buy it here

The second song today is also a favorite of mine. I haven't been able to get it completly out of my head even though its over 2 years ago that I heard it the first time. From the aloof vocals of Tiga, the church bells/organ in the beginning to the oooh sooo effective breakdown towards the end, this is my ideal picture of a party in heaven on infinite repeat soundtrack. Enough said:

Richard X feat. Tiga - You (better let me love you X4)

Buy it here
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