Thursday, April 20, 2006
Turn on the Bubbles in the Jahcoozi
A band with beautiful woman rapping/ toasting/ whatever in front of a bass player and a guy twiddling the knobs on a computer? Yep - This is another M.I.A. inspired band, but whereas rap midget Lady Sovereign takes her inspiration into the rap genre Jahcoozi take theirs into the more Jamaican inspired part of music.
I was lucky to catch them an event held by some German phone company which was actually quite good, and of course free (This part of corporate sponsoring is a good thing!)
The event was held in association with Berlin label Kitty Yo, so besides Jahcoozi, I also got to see Chikinki and German singer/songwritter Maximilian Hecker, who I both found sorta semi boring, but ok.
Jahcoosi on the other hand was anything but boring. The ragga-tech really got the crowd going and even though the singer was sick with the flu, they put on a good show. At least it was rather understandable why a German phone company would want to associate their name with this band.

Bonus facts about this band:
1 - Formed in 2002 in Berlin.
2 - Sasha (the singer) was born in Sri-lanka, but grew up in England (talk about an M.I.A. reference.... Dancehall/Ragga/Grime/Electro must be an important part of being born in Sri-Lanka).
3 - Probably the first band to do a gig in a doner kebab shop in Kreuzberg.

Both songs today are lifted of from the first album Pure Breed Mongrel.

First song of the post is the Jahcoozi at their most M.I.A. sounding. Shake the Doom sounds like it is lifted directly of the infamous Diplo mixtape: "Piracy funds Terrorism", which of course is nothing bad especially the beats! The chorus is ofcourse a whole other story, I'm pretty sure they would get even the most mainstream R'n'B girl to shake her doom.

Jahcoozi - Shake the doom
Buy Jahcoozi here

Second song Fish is a bit more laid back, thus displaying that they are more than just really good clones of a certain somebody. It is not nearly as accesible as the first song, but I think it would make a really good soundtrack to a late afternoon buzz on a beach somewhere.

Jahcoozi - Fish

Buy Jahcoozi here
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    Rock! I love your blog!

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