Tuesday, May 16, 2006
They are turned on by default - The Presets
Today we go downunder to Australia to look at The Presets. It's a rocking electro duo who are on the same label as Cut Copy. Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes as they are known among their friends, probably, both have a background in classical music, which might be from where they draw their ear for technics of a good tune.

By day we battled with Beethoven, Stockhausen and 18th century harmony, by night we were out dancing to the Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Acid House.”Julian said in a recent interview. This clearly shows in their defiant sound which draws inspiration from all over the board. If you had to group them though you would probably put them in some sort of electro / electroclash box, but who needs groups?

Apperantly their live shows follow a similiar route with a lot of drama and costumes and what not! .... Hmmm so what I'm saying is that they are the new scissor sisters?
This of course would not be fair to either band, but they do have the same power to make you want to dance, something which, as mentioned ealier, is something I rate highly.

First song of the day is Are you the one, which they describe as "English soccer hudlum meets brazilian house music" - whether true or not should make you want to hear this song. It has an infectious chorus and a nice pounding beat! The song is the first single of their new album released last month and it sounds a bit like Captain Comatose. Enjoy this at max volume:

The Presets - Are you the one
Get the single here

Second song has also gotten a single release. It's Girl and the Sea in a Captain Comatose remix and its great. The synths in this songs are to die for and if things were as they should be in this world every song would feature synths like this. This song though does not sound distinctly Comatose, but it rocks anyway.

The Presets - Girl and The Sea (Captain Comatose Remix)

Get it here
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