Sunday, May 07, 2006
Baby Shambles? Who? Ahhh Pete Doherty & Band!
"Drug Pete has landed!" This was the headline of Danish tabloid paper Ekstra Bladet a few days ago. The headline of course referred to the young ex-libertine and his problems in managing a heavy drug use and 'cocaine' Kate Moss - Hmm come to think of it, no one would probably be able to manage that.

The problem with this headline of course is that it did not mention the fact that it was actually Pete Doherty’s new band Baby Shambles who had landed and who were going to give two concerts in Denmark.

I was lucky enough to catch them yesterday in Vega in Copenhagen after they were moved to a bigger venue to satisfy popular demand.
I openly admit that I only went to see the Giraffe and not because of my knowledge of their music, actually I'm not particular fond of this peculiar sort of British rock. Because the band were a bit late I had a good chance to check out the crowd - most of them being rather young - I'm guessing 15-16 years or there abouts. These younglings who proceeded to give quite a good show during the actual concert hailed sympathetic Pete Doherty as the George Barlow of the indie rock scene.

Doherty and band gave a really good concert, to my big surprise. The songs were good, the bass-player looked like Joe Strummer, Doherty was extremely patient with the hail of crap thrown at him and the level of rock and roll demonstrated was simply terrific.

My total lack of knowledge of the musical catalogue of Baby Shambles is reflected in my total lack of creativity in my choice of todays songs

First song is Fuck Forever which live had a really reggae-ish beat going - fitting when one thinks of the Clash paraphrasing death or glory theme of the song. It was easily the song which got the best response and an effective set closer. The stabbing guitars of the studio version were sadly lacking, but a good song none the less.

Baby Shambles - Fuck Forever
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Second song is Albion, a slow paced acoustic number. Although I prefer the tempo of Fuck Forever this song also has its charmes. The live version was probably the high point of whatever buzz Doherty had going yesterday evening. Amazingly it seemed to underline the drunken attitude of the song that Doherty was unable to sing into the mic for most of this song (Actually not his fault, the mic stand was malfunctioning, like both of their guitars and a few other things).
Anyway enjoy this trip to Albion:

Baby Shambles - Albion
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