Friday, June 16, 2006
The Knife (Perfection Remixes)
So today's post is a bit yesterdays news for some people, maybe, but the songs I want to share simply rock my world. First though a small introduction to the remix victims of the day:
Swedish band The Knife, now on their second album has released some really excellent singles, most notably club classic Heartbeats - famously covered in some commercial (You all know it, trust me!).
Apparently many people were aware of the qualities of the Knife way before me, my girlfriend even tipped me of on them, half a year before anyone else! (Kudos to her!). I for one though didn't really get what the hype was all about. Granted what I heard sounded pleasing, but in no way fit for the dance floor, more good in a sort of good day at the beach kind of way. Don't get me wrong it was good, but it really lacked that certain something.
Then one day, browsing through a record shop, I noticed that Heartbeats had been released as a single: "hmmm interesting" I thought, "I wonder who did the remixes?"- First name was some guy called Rex The Dog which had gotten some really good hype on the net, but I hadn't really gotten around to hearing what the fuzz was about. Obviously, I put the record on and boom - It dawned on me: The Knife were actually really good, but in fact they were even better "remix victims", their songs were of such quality that when turned to the right angle they shinned like diamonds. Actually my The Knife write up will end on that note, The Knife are like diamonds - better enjoyed multifaceted.

So in that spirit: Two really good remixes of The Knife.

First song is We Share our Mothers Health redone by Danish Man-of-the-moment King-of-the-hill Lord-of-the-dance Anders Trentemøller. The Trent has done a really good job with this song, giving it that sort of pure clean (not minimal mind you) sound that has made him famous. The song ends up sounding like some aggressive Chinese women running through a snowy forest carrying a big synth and a drum machine while being chased by a big Commodore 64 loving bear! Enjoy

The Knife - We Share our Mothers Health (Trentemøller Remix)
Get it here

Second song is Marble House reworket by none other than Rex The Dog. This song is actually vintage Rex - A warping synth base, good snare and some cut up vocals. The song in many ways does the trick of heartbeats again. A looong buildup before the chorus, but when you then finally get there its like the perfect release, it's like ten days of perfect tunes, a magic rush.

The Knife - Marble House (Rex The Dog Remix)
Get even more knife Here

Bonus: We share our Mothers Health Video:
The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health

This post of course also goes out to the Swedish national team, The Knife being Swedish and all. Since Denmark isn't playing, do Scandinavia proud:
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