Monday, June 12, 2006
Superheroes - Behind their masks just normal people
Introducing Superheroes - one of the most underrated bands in Danish history (That might not be saying alot).
Superheroes were found in small Danish town Skive far from Copenhagen, but apparently not far from some powerful creative source - Junior Senior are also from near there.
Actually Superheroes lead singer Thomas Troelsen was the guy who did the 'everybody - move your feet and united - who oh oh ohh' part o Move your Feet by Junior Senior.

The sound of the Superheroes is something of a catchy mix between the new romantics sound, a really good indie band and especially a good ear for the perfect pop-melody! Hmmm so you are thinking something along the lines of The Killers right? in a sense true, but with the exception that they were 6 or 7 years too early. If any fairness had existed, then Superheroes were the biggest band in the world right now - so much for being way before your time...

Also deserving a mention is their record label Crunchy Frog - home of Superheroes, Junior Senior, Heavy Trash and the Raveonettes.

First song is Miami. From the initial question/answer: Where do YOU wanna go? I wanna to to MIAMI!, to the persistent drums, to the C-c-c-come on!, this is one of the best dance tracks ever. This song is two and a half minuttes of pure pop, this song can do no wrong. If this blog should have a soundtrack, this song might be one of the strongest candidates. Anyone Danish reading this blog knows this song, but for those who don't, this is a must have/hear/dance!

Superheroes - Miami
Get it here

Second song is Johnny and I featuring the enigmatic Senior from Junior Senior - Troelsens voice gets to shine in the company of Senior! Catchy chorus, super synth, and a Beatles build-up every now and again. There is no reason that the Superheroes didn't become the greatest band on earth.

Superheroes - Johnny and I
Get it here
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