Monday, October 30, 2006
The Same Fruity Taste
Peaches has always been an interesting factor in music - not massively popular, but well known (By the way, go to her website and checkout her videos!). The very in your face sound of heavy electro drums and guitar isn´t always that easy to swallow for everyone, which probably is fair I guess. For Peaches is more like a bullying 4 year old who beats up the other kids while at the same time being extremely funny, but maybe a bit too well aware that it´s stepping out of line.

First diddly is a Peaches remix showing of her skills at synth stabs and electro drums. The song ask the question would you be her f*cking boyfriend? Basically yes - if every day would involve a small rave like this song. Look out for the anticlimatic break in the middle which takes you by surprise. Don't tell me you weren't expecting heavy bass?

The Bird and The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend (Peaches Remix)
get it here

Second song is from the Jackass 2 soundtrack, hence the title. Karen O and Peaches give us a small exercise in sounding like an aborted Le Tigre song, later found and nursed to health by a drunk Phil Spector and which then gets sent to McDonalds to get cigateres carrying only a gun. That probably didn't make sense at all.

Karen O feat. Peachers - Backass

Get it here
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