Friday, October 13, 2006
200 to 0 in 1 Year - Mylo
What happened is the question of the? And why? Last year, and the year before that Mylo was everywhere. He was the talk of the town, and the man who's seal of remix approval you needed if you wanted to make in the music game. Monsterhit Drop the Pressure - which I'm more than sure you all know - was the most sure thing every time you were at the disco (And good times where had by all!).
Then this year the backlash seems to really be setting in. Mylo is more or less of the music radar of all the geeks, his recent Freeform Five remix not getting a mention. Why you ask? Seriously, I don't know, just guessing here. His style was starting to evolve into a more bass heavy less chorus filled disco inferno, but that spot was sadly take by Rex The Dog - thus Rex became the new Mylo - in other words beaten by his peer. I might be going out on a limb here, but this is just my two cents.

Mylo though, is still pretty good, atop mentioned Freeform Five remix is actually really good - You can't really take the tricks from this man, and I wouldn't count him for out of the scene. Looking forward to his new album. In the meantime:

Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
Get it here

Dark Globe - Feed (Mylo Remix)
Get it here

Mylo - Mixes (Distortion Disco's Love of Mylo Medley)

The Knife - Take My Breath Away (Mylo Remix)
Mylo - Muscle Cars (Tiga Remix)
Flatpack - Sweet Child O'Mine (Mylo Remix)
Kylie - I Believe in You (Mylo Remix)
Moby - Life Me Up (Mylo Remix)
Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Rex The Dog Remix)

Did this in half an hour, so bare with me...
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