Saturday, August 26, 2006
Let's make love and read Distortion Disco
Looking like a Brazilian version of an H&M's commercial, Cansei De Ser Sexy (Meaning something like: Tired of being sexy) are the big thing right now.
So for the few of you not chassing internet hype, here is the small presentation, stolen from their myspace:

"Sao Paulo, circa 2003: A band comes together not with any presumptions or typical formulas, but by meeting at clubs and photologs . . . deciding to try something new. They meet in basements. They plan. Without knowing how to play the instruments set before them, the experiment begins (Rather cliche these days isn't it). . . Eventually the group expands into six members strong, a combination of some girls with guitars and one guy trying out new drums; all steadily tumbling into their skills. Handclaps and one crappy keyboard, throwing in beats; tumbling and tumbling again. Fuelled by aggravation towards the empty swagger of faux artists, and to celebrate the un-celebrity, a name was chosen: CSS. "Lovefoxxx is a very gifted designer, Ana studies cinema, Ira is a fashion designer, Carolina works with graphic design. Luiza is in art school." Fast forward to 2006: Over loose beats and quick programming, this group sings in Englishas opposed to their native language of Portugueseand claim that their scene is not Sao Paulo, but the internet."

Well anyway, like a lot of other music these days, it has warmed to me as well, Internet hype really does work - At least if you are as easy to convince as me. CSS sound, as you might suspect, like an electronic Portugese versi
Italicon of The Rapture, which of course is a good thing. Keeping with the Rapture analogy, CSS are a bit more all over the place, willing to experiment with their sound. That might also be why I didn't catch on to them to start of with.

So in short: Very funky, very dancy and actually rather cool, so no hit in Denmark then? Correct you are! If though like me you are Danish and you would like to check them out, do it on the 23. of November at Loppen, Christiania - A good venue for this band I think! I'll be there and you should as well!

First song is new single Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above which, apart from sporting one of the best titles this year, sounds like a delightful mix between an obscure Le Chic single and a German keyboard nerd forced to make something dancy.

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
Get sexy here

Second song is Ala La which actually sounds like a Death From Above 1979 song and the ohh la la song by Goldfrapp. The attitude on this song is more electro and especially the data-bass in the background and the programmed drums are good.

CSS - Ala La
Get you CSS on here
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