Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Distortion Disco's favorite midget in the game
Make way for da, Make way for da, Make way for the S-O-V! Sorry, had to write it, still one of the best self-introductions by an artist ever.
Since Random, Lady Sovereign has been a favorite of mine. Delightfully chav, extremely talented and funny. As mentioned in the Roskilde post, I was lucky enough to catch her at the Roskilde Festival. An excellent concert, with a suprisingly enthusiastic crowd. Just goes to show how much power the internet has these days.

It's hard to add anything new to the Lady S. saga, you all know it - So here the extreme digest:
Grime queen Louise Harman left school, did small raps with Windows recording thingie, got big via internet and pirate radio. Signed to Def Jam last year. Oh yeah, and dissed Jentina along the way! Respect to Jay-Z for seeing talent when it's there!

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Sovereign so good. Her voice though has an amazing presence, neatly demonstrated at the Roskilde concert where, despite being quite diminutive stature, she was really able to fill up the stage. I think in terms of mass, this was the smallest concert at Roskilde, but in terms of attitude and mayhem one of the biggest. I am really looking forward to the new album, and so should you. Buy it when it's released!

So time to get random:

First tune is bouncy new single Love Me or Hate Me the prealbum single. The sound is obviously Def Jam influenced, and you can clearly hear that the songs is meant to break her on the American market. Love her or hate her you can't avoid forming some oppinion when hearing this tune. Musically this song works as well - distorted bass drum and a good synth! Verdict: Love her!

Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me
Get some Sov here

Second song is the Hoodie getting a Spank Rock reworking. Seriously I can't overstate how hot Spank Rock are. Extremely talented, they bring the Sov to new hights! The song is all over the place, a zillion samples running in the background, old skool drums, and added raps! Funny thing is the chorus, which sound like there is an old C64 game running in the background. Interesting!

Lady Sovereign - Hoodie (Spank Rock Remix)
Get hoodie here
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