Sunday, July 09, 2006
Distortion Disco likes a bit of Headman
Today I'm going to let the lyrics of one the two songs do the write up for Distortion Disco favorite Headman.

Headman! Headman!

All the ladies love a bit'a Headman! All the boys love bit'a Headman! All the girls love a bit'a Headman! All the ladies love a bit'a Headman!

Headman! Headman!

All the boys like Headman! All the girls like Headman!

Headman! Headman!

Everybody likes a bit of Headman! All the girls love a bit'a Headman! All the boys can't get enough of that Headman!

Headman! Headman!

Erol likes a bit of Headman! Tiga likes a lot of Headman! Robbie? likes a bit of Headman! Soulwax likes a bit of Headman! Trevor Jackson loves a bit of Headman! Tim Murphy likes a bit of Headman! All the Gomma Guys like Headman! Everybody else likes Headman!

Them Germans they don't like the Headman(Bastards!)! Them English love the Headman! The Italians love the Headman(Bless them tonight!)! The Swiss don't get no Headman(Nor the Danes by the way!)!

Distortion Disco loves every bit of the Headman!

Headman! Headman!

And now the tunes!

No info, read the damn lyrics! Enjoy the bass line!

Headman - Everybody (Feat. Ben Rymer & Erol Alkan)
Get it here

The other song today is his recent single Moisture remixed by Mustapha 3000 (Erol Alkan again). Like Everybody it sports this great mix between rock and electronic music with some decidedly Alkan'ish breakdowns along the way. This song shows Headmans strengths as a dance tune maestro - It's not only easy to hear his relationship with fellow Gomma guys Whomadewho, but also with !!!.

Headman - Moisture (Mustapha 3000 Remix)
Get it here
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