Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Thesis Hell

No big write-up today, thought I'd just share a couple of tracks that I've been listening alot to lately. At the moment I'm in the starting phase of my thesis writing and it seriously sucks. My professor has been on vacation, the data I was hoping to collect is delayed, so in other words, it's a bit of a frustrating standstill at the moment.
Luckily there is always music to cheer me up. Van She is one of those oh so hot names, so I thought I would listen to an old EP of theirs, that I had lying around. It's from 2005, which in blog-terms is something like the early Cretaceous period. Anyways though, it is really good, french/Phoenix sounding pop.

Van She - Sex City
Get the EP here

Another track which has been a heavy feature on my Ipod as of late is The Devil of the new The Rapture album. As a whole I generally like the album, the leaked Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh is really good in the finished version, and Get Myself Into It is grade A dancefloor material. For some reason though I find myself going back to The Devil - The guitar and blip-blop antics of this song is what you would expect and hope from the comming of the Rapture (Way to get biblical on your ass!). Funky as hell, The Devil is the prime example of what music should sound as, if Distortion Disco could decide.

The Rapture - The Devil
Get the album here

Final track of the day is from none other than mr. I'm so fucking hot Trentemoller. Him being Danish, he is heraldred as some sort of Danish Royksopp, which of course is a bit overstating he qualities, but his new album is as a whole actually really good - probably the best Danish electronic album for ages, if not ever. The track Vamp has a really nice organic bass sound grinding along on top of which various blips, tweeks and snaps make their joyful way to school. A fulblown Tiga remix of this would be really good I think.

Trentemoller - Vamp
Get Trenty here

And now back to the exciting world of thesis writing!
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