Sunday, September 10, 2006
Minimal Sound - Maximum Love
Todays post is a product of me buying the grade A+++ yearly kompilation by German minimal label Kompakt - The label that can do no wrong. Masters of taking the smallest piece of 'klick klick' and making it sound like a beautiful construction of crystals in the best none new-age meaning that can be thought about. Seriously though this is one of the record companies that you should be able to namedrop and at least have some rudimentary knowledge of - You might not even be a fan of techno, but you simply cannot deny the quality in the things released on this 11 year old label.

The Cologne based label was founded by Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape is still a leading contender when it comes to minimal sounds. My way to Kompakt actually started pretty late with the catchy So Weit Wie Noch Nie song by Paape - one of those tunes that though a bit of from the mainstream is to perfect that everyone knows (or should know) it.

The label has just released it's seventh installement of the Total series. A compilation series which offers great value for money and lets you have all the great singles released each year on one handy album. This album comes with the greatest recommendations and should, if this was a more fair world, be under every christmas tree in three months time! One of many standouts this year is Paape's Take That which, though a bit of the normal Kompakt sound, is just about as good as it gets. Instantly catchy and with a great great bassline, enjoy:

Jürgen Paape - Take That
Buy it here

Second track is fellow Dane Mikkel Metal's calm and tranquile delight Ulyt, which just goes perfect with a rainy day and some sparetime. Extremely aesthetic and simply a highly enjoyable listen. The track doubles as a display of the wide range of genres of the Kompakt Total series. Besides his homepage, there is also a few tracks on his myspace.

Mikkel Metal - Ulyt
Get it here

Finally I would again recommend that you spend a few dimes and nickles on the Kompakt Total album. It's going to be a good friend. Seriously this is more than quality for money, this is a must!
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