Wednesday, July 18, 2007
She'll cut you up
A few tracks have been hanging around my Itunes since coming home from Roskilde. Remember that old L'trimm song Cars With The Boom (An ode the boys who had bass in their cars) done by 18 olds Lady Tigra and Bunny D waaaay back in 1988? Well Lady Tiagra recently re-emerged from semi-obscurity to kick Uffies ass. If you read this blog on a regular basis you might know that I have a thing for that whole M.I.A./Lady Sov/In your face women kind of type, and this is just that: This particular song a bit more laidback.

Lady Tigra - Pinkberry (Now with the correct song!)

Go and hear songs from forthcomming album Please Mr. Boombox.

Bonus: L'trimm - Cars With The Boom

Highlight: That animated boom is worth a million!

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