Thursday, June 21, 2007
RF Preview - Part 3
Going to third base! Apparenly the Danish meteorological service is predicting insane amounts of rain of Copenhagen the next week. Hopefully it's going to be all rained out when we reach the 1. of July. Rain is the deal breaker when we're talking Roskilde and festivals in general. Enough crappy warm up talk, here's the music:

It's wamp wamp time - Clipse is the major hip hop name to grace the festival this year (besides the Beastie Boys). I'm normally not that into the word smith type of music, although Jay-Z of course is an all time favorite, but for once I'm going to put some rap on my must see list. The duo, formed in the Bronx, are curretly based in Louisiana. They made a big name of themselves with the classic 2002 Neptunes produced single grindin', which was a mainstay on the dancefloor just about everywhere. Anyways, Pistol Pete has done a great remix of most recent single Wamp Wamp. Enjoy:

The great Get Physical label is a major presence on this years festival! Besides M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade, they also have the interesting Djuma Soundsystem from Denmark. The sound is described is described as following on the Get Physical website: "Mix Arabic percussion and strings with electronic beats and you end up with the explosive sound of Djuma Soundsystem, a sound that has swept them from the underground scene in Copenhagen into the front ranks of a new signing with the award-winning and respected German label Get Physical." - Up until now, they've only released one single, the rather ethnic dancefloor bomb Les Djinns - one of the best singles of last year in my book - Hopefully they will debut some new stuff on Roskilde on the Get Physical night, which will no doubt take place.

get the remix 12" here

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