Thursday, June 14, 2007
RF Preview - Part 1
The weather has been pretty fantastic this last week here in Copenhagen - Sun and no wind! It really puts you in the mood for Roskilde. It's the same thing each year, and you always end up dreading to look at the weather forecast. For some reason it is either sweltering hot or pouring down, you never get the middle ground. What that means is of course planing for the worst and hopping for the best. My camp and me have already started planing how best to bash our way through the hordes of hippies to get that all important high ground! Because of the ever looming danger of the all eating gravel pit you can also end up lying a gazillion miles away from the actual music - Picture a nice half hour walk to get to the actual festival ground. Despite what some people might argue, I'm still mainly there for music and not 'atmosphere'. Thus here is the music:

In what is far from the best line-up at Roskilde there are some exceptions. First one is post-punk / 'Neo Rave' (Still lame genre name in my book) / Latest wave New York group New Young Pony Club. They've been mentioned here a couple of times in the past, but since then they've made an album. They sport the above mentioned genres with a twist of pop - To their credit, they are probably the closest thing you will come to legendary Tom Tom Club. The Roskilde program puts them in the same genre as The Klaxons, which seems a bit far fetched. Rather this is what the Bangles would've sounded like if they had been formed in the year 2007. I highly recommend you go check them out - They are probably the closest thing to a secret on this years festival.

Buy the album here

hear the bang, see the spark - duck down, lay down just (get on down) - Just for that I'm looking forward to see Dizzee Rascal (Wiki). He is old news on the grime-scene, probably compareable to the status of Jay-Z in Hip-Hop, captain Rascal is the elder statesman of England. New album Maths + English has just been released. The title aptly describes what Dizzee is all about. Perfectly timed beats with excellent lyrics, he has probably done more to chance mainstream British than any one else. The show at Roskilde is probably going to be an inferno of bass and jumping - you don't wanna miss it: You better send your best soldiers, cos this is Captain Rosco! More destructive and troublesome than ever!

Buy Maths + English here

Buy Boy in da Corner here

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