Sunday, June 10, 2007
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Went to see Art Brut on Friday, having missed them last time they played Copenhagen. Their funny Blur-esque lyrics have taken many of last years end-of-year charts by storm and live they have gained a good reputation as well.

Before the 'Brut though, Black Wire were nice enough to a stint as warm-up - This is apparently the band about which ,at one certain gig, the song I Predict a Riot was written. Against what could have been a toe cringingly small crowd (Come on 130 kroners for Art Brut is cheap by any standards) Black Wire managed to put on a great show. They looked great (All black is always cool), had great tunes and were more energetic than a pound dog in heat. The sound was something of a gothic/Joy division take on Franz Ferdinand - I think they would do great with a polished remix Alan Braxe for some reason.

Buy here

The Black Wire show was good enough for me to go buy their single - Supporting quality is an imperative. Funny enough, the guy in the merchandice stall didn't know what any of the things he was selling, cost, so I jokingly asked wether this was his first job as a merchandice croonie. Yes, he said, normally he was the guitarist in Art Brut... So instead of selling my anything he told me about the new album which apparently will feature 'a new bigger sound - with trumpets!'. The album should be out about now-ish, next week-ish, or early next month-ish. Furthermore they'd just been to Berlin to shot the video for their next single Direct Hit - someone is going to be dressed up as Caeser in the video - You heard it here first! (Is this really what the mighty blogosphere has come to? Selling cheap info on new videos?)

The concert was excellent, definetly one of the best rock concerts in a year or so for me. Humor is for some reason the answer to the looking smugly up your own arse attitude which sadly is a part of a lot of rock. Amazingly it seemed that most of humor wasn't wasted on the crowd, laughter and cheering was abundant.
Highlights were Moving to L.A., Direct Hit, Nag Nag Nag and of course the best social commentary in a zillion years Formed a Band - "Look at us, we formed a band!"
Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag
pre-order new album here
The Art Brut + Black Wire show on the DD-scale:

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