Saturday, July 14, 2007
I hate it when you're right
In this world of mass hype that we call the blogosphere you always have certain things doing the rounds. If The Klaxons does anything you know it's out there - If Tiga does anything you know it's out there -If The Teenagers does anything you know it's out there - If Arctic Monkeys does anything you know it's out there - If the latest thing does anything you know it's out there.... You get my point. Actually this is good, you don't have to wait forever until your local record store stocks up on that single or hope your local DJ is going to play that cool new tune to be part of the hype. The backside is that sometimes you just get the feeling that everyone is posting this latest tune because of the name rather than the content - It's all filler and no killer. Just doing it because it's the latest thing.

This is how I was suspecting this following track to turn out... Sadly, it kicks you right in the mirror balls. It takes the best parts of D.A.N.C.E. and mixes it with the best parts of dancefloor J.T. It's got strings, it's got those kool hyped distorted synths, it's got Justin, it starts like Billy Jean, it's got breakdowns, it's got 2007 in it's palm:

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