Friday, June 29, 2007
Rain Dears Keep Falling on My Head
Eager readers of this blog might remember that I mentioned the interesting warm up band at the ESG concert Fabula Beat (They have some new songs on their Myspace btw). The lead singer Josephine Philip is also part of another cool Danish act, worth taking notice of - Along with Ane Trolle (Famed for the vocals on Trentemøllers Moan) she forms the duo Jaconfetti. They've released one single here in Denmark which has received massive airplay - A modern reggaeish dancy piece of prime pop.

Their story (and face it, every band should have stories like this) is something like this according to their Myspace: They bring a universe of confetti and joy, spread out in a colorful variation of many different genres going from heavy beats to sweet balkan. Some might describe it as LSD-pop. On their powerful Rain Dears they travel around in the JaConfetti world, meeting good and bad, fun and dull, and through their songs they tell stories about what they experience.

Indeed... Hard to argue against powerful Rain Dears, but the story fits the generel theme so I'm convinced. An album should hopefully be out soon, title The Rainbow Express - I believe thats what poker players would call: "All in!"

Electronic king of every disco and outhouse in Denmark Trentemöller has done a rather playable remix of Hold nu Kay, which hopefully will be released soon. Nothing like the click pop / massive breakdowns we have come to cheerish, it instead sounds like what Diplo would do next - or something like that. You've gotta hand it to the Trent', he's not afraid to drive down a new road! JaConfetti ends up sounding like a new version of Avenue D. Thus, here is a very shitty myspace rip, get this bomb when it is released:

Buy confetti here
Bonus: The video to Hold Nu Kay:

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