Thursday, January 11, 2007
Pretty Standard Pop Fairy Factory
I'm not sure how exactly it is they do it, but every half year seems blessed with another Norwegian pop fairy. I have a theory though:

Somewhere in the cold Norwegian fjords is a small waterfall, and behind that, a small cave entrance. Inside this cave is a swarm of small Stock Aitken and Waterman lookalike elves. Every day they furiously dissect pop music into it's smallest atoms. They see what is good - they see what is bad - They take note. The results are then scribbled unto a small piece of white paper, in codes which would make normal human beings die of instant bliss. This little document is the carried by high security elves to the testing rooms. Here enslaved members of every musical subgenre are blasted with highpotency pop in order for elves to make a poptune with maximum effect.

When done the musical notes are genespliced into a small egg, which contains a new pop fairy. The multicolored egg is carried down the hall of Annie and the laid to hatch in a small incubater shaped as a discoball.

Now the waiting part.... .. ... .... Suddenly crack, the egg opens: A new pop fairy is ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! Meet Margaret Berger!

First track sounds like Soulwax's great NY Excuse being taken over and having nails done by Kylie. Not in your face pop, but nice. Very norwegian sounding. The elves are happy:

Margaret Berger - Seek I'll hide
get the album here

Second track is the single of the album Pretty Scary Silver Fairy (she even accepts the fact that she was born in a cave...). She isn't that scary though and this number 'Samantha' sounds like it raided the Madonna album, learned from the fact that the synths were the only good thing about it and then went on to add vocals on top.

Margaret Berger - Samantha
get it here


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