Friday, December 08, 2006
Paws Sharp as a Knife
Stockholm, Sweden duo - Fox'n Wolf, have been around for some time now. Never really taking the 'Knife endorced' train to the stars, they've managed to live a life in relative obscurity, which of course isn't totally true.
Anyway, with the release of their upcomming album, I think the good money is on Fox'n Wolf being the next Swedish hype of next year (At least judging by the picture, they should take the H&M part of the world by storm).

The music:

First track is of the 2. Kitsune Maison collection (If you haven't got number 3, it's too late - you're never going to be one of the cool kids). A long disco'ish version of Claws against Knives (Hmm maybe a bit of what the future will hold) typical of remixer Todd Terje - The great quality of the tracks is definetly the pace - nothing is forced, but on the other hand, you never end up bored.

Fox'N Wolf - Claws Against Knives (Todd Terje Remix)

Get Maison 2 here

Second track is a remix by Jesper Dahlback, which ends up in his Tiga loving sound as usual - Not complaining of course. The track is reminiscent of some leftover track by Fannypack, getting repacked as a new Kid Rock track. Interesting stuff, and from a completly different void than that of Terje's disco.

Fox'n Wolf - In Yr Underwear (Jesper Dahlback Mix)
Get it here

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