Saturday, November 25, 2006
Mega Bonanza CSS Review!

... should have been the order of the day, but sadly I'm a bit lazy - been visiting Distortion Disco correspondent Mads in Berlin. It is really a small piece of weirdness in the centre of Europe, if you have a possibility go!

But now to the CSS review thing: On a scale of one to ten, I'd place them somewhere around nine. Really a good concert, but the sound at Loppen was too low, which normally is never the case. Lovefoxx, was more than great, a small explosive, dare I say it, sexy lead singer, which really is the key to this band's greatness. Highlights for me was Lets make love, and the waving of hands! Also the amazing amount of hipsters, who were at the concert was funny - interesting how word gets around and how obvious it is, when you have more than 5 people asking you 'Is this that Brazilian band' gesturing at the warmup band...

The tune, has already been posted a lot of other places. It's the remix of first single Alala which stills sounds great, even though it has a year on it's behind:

CSS - Alala (Princess Superstar Remix)

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