Friday, January 05, 2007
Faster, Wilder, More Speed 2007?
So how is this new year shaping up? Last year was the year of the 'new paris' wave, distorted dancefloor beats, stadium sized techno and alot of crossover. Hopefully this year will be just as good!

Judging by the first few tracks to be released, it is already shaping up to be it! Courtesy of Fluokids, Erol Alkan dub of the Klaxons:

The Klaxons where probably one of the most IT bands last year, releasing a series of really good singles backed by great remixes and having a solid liveshow. I think it is safe to assume an album of them sometime this year. Until then here is a nice dub of Golden Skans made by none other than man of many names Erol Alkan. The sound is prolonged, leaning towards some form of minimalism, developing like a small plant, but not at all boring! A great moment is the destinctly 90's sounding drums in the background.

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan Ekstra Spektral Dub)
get some Klaxons here

Also Justice is (finally) releasing an EP, a fact which should send shivers racing through your spine and have your foot tapping a steady solid beat. I think my favorite track of last year was Alkans remix of Justice, if some of that energy is to be found on the new album I'll be one happy camper!
Phantom the new single zoom bang direct of Myspace is a worthy precurser to the album, the trademark bass-drum, and the unschematic breakdowns. Let this be the year where the French people decide to vote Justice presidents and let them declare a new republic of distortion:

Justice - Phantom
Get some vintage Justice here

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