Monday, January 22, 2007
All I Wanna Do Is Italio Disco Dance With You
Norway and Sweden are apparently doing some battle of pop queens. Just when one country plays a card, the other plays an even stronger card. You might have heard of this weeks princess, she is Sally Shapiro of Sweden.

She has received an increasing amount of hype this almost last half year - and quite rightly. Her take on the classic pop genre is merging it with sexy Italo disco! A genre that never fails to entertain, instantly dancy, instantly camp.

Fun fact: No one knows her real name, she hasn't given a live concert nor any interviews. Thats Sweden for you: "No we are not in this for fame, we are only in for the music" - seriously, when Swedes do this they actually mean it.

First song is Hold me so tight, a dancefloor gem which, if there is any justice in this small world, will be a classic of Kylie'ish proportions. Especially look out for the synth disco bass - that is ladies and gentlemen what music should be all about. Dream yourself back to the 80's:

Sally Shapiro - Hold me so tight
Get the album here (Danish link)

Second song is the Rude 66 808 Remix of I'll be by your side - The remix infuses this song with echo's so cold that the snow outside my window seems warm. I see myself riding a car at night, heading towards some eighties destination, neon raining down in the horizon.

Sally Shapiro - I'll be by your side (Rude 66 808 Remix)
Get the single here


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