Friday, August 24, 2007
DD Review: Bunny Lake - The Church Of Bunny Lake
This is the first of a new series of review posts in the Distortion Disco. The Roskilde review was a sneak preview, but this is the first regular one.

Bunny Lake - The Church Of Bunny Lake
Trying to fuse the superficial glitchy pop world with that of the multi faceted obsessive world of life itself Bunny Lake's second LP is what best can be described as a tightly controlled post-modern take on electro-clash. Musically it fits somewhere in the space between the fuzzy electro of Belgian bands Vive La FĂȘte and Soulwax, the anthemic vocals of Chicks on Speed and the spacious synth sounds of Jacques Lu Cont.
It is destinctly European sounding which is both good and bad. Good in the way that it is close to the definetive sound of now, it's dancefloor dynamite, high on adrenaline and catchy like hell - Bad in the way that you might end up asking yourself whether you haven't already heard this before. This double edged sword that Bunny Lake ride is perfectly summed up in the track New Kind of Kick, on which Suzy On The Rocks (The female vocalist) repeats 'I want some new kind of kick' - the album is actively searching for that magic new ingredient and it gets pretty close at times. They are at their best when they allow themselves the time to do the build up like on She's On The Run, Deeper Confessions and Beautiful Car Crash.
Though pressing buttons all over the board, the album is surpricingly coherent and it is a highly enjoyable listen which would be best served at some decadent houseparty in a Berlin suburb with plenty of neon!

From The Church Of Bunny Lake:

Bunny Lake - Beautiful Car Crash
Bunny Lake - Got The Fever

The album is released on the 30th of September on Klein Records, also check out single Strobe Love released last month, including an excellent Shinichi Osawa remix!

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