Friday, September 21, 2007
Mann, Hund, Maschine!
I don't know why, but Rex The Dog just really tickles my fancy. The amazing use of 80's synths just gets better with old age, much like old wine, Paolo Maldini and errrr cars?

Rex stormed on stage in 2004 when he did the amazing remix of post-millenium classic Heartbeats and released dancefloor classics Frequency and Prototype! His output has been pretty concistent ever since, slowly, but steadily carving himself a small shelf from which he sends beautiful clouds of anthemic dance music.

New single is Circulate, which has an excellent piece of promo writing instead of the usual crap. I'll just do my attempt at the crap writing though:
New single Circulate from Rex The Dog establishes him as the leading man of Miami Vice synth - This track should be a dancefloor mainstay where ever you go. If Phil Specter had to reinvent the whole wall of sound concept today, this is what he'd come up with!
Or something like that. Anygays it's out on Kitsune, and you should have it in your record bag! If you really have to nail the good Rex for anything it is staying with the same sound, but when it's tried, tested, and it still sounds fresh, then why chance a winning formula?

Rex The Dog - Circulate (JBAG Edit)
Rex The Dog - Italian Blond

Please go and buy it here

Check out the video for an old Rex The Dog tune while your at it:

and lest we forget: Rex The Dog and Punk Monkey singing Tony The Beat:


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