Sunday, September 30, 2007
2 Live - 2 Real - 2 many 2's
If you've read my blog since the beginning, you'll know that I've been a fan of Baltimore based Spank Rock. Rarely do you get an act which drastically alters the rules of a genre, and especially to the extent of Spank Rock. A couple of years ago the hip hop options were 'backpacker' and 'neo-gangsta' - both options painfully pretentiousUdgiv indlæg and totally out of contact with everyday life. Thank God Spank Rock decided this wasn't to be. Baltimore was brought to the mainstream, everyone was yelling Rick Rubin, and 'Yo yo yo yo' was on every end-of-year chart.
If you didn't notice, the Spank Rock trick was to take the 2006 blog-house zeitgeist and mix it up with the irony of Fat Boys and 2 Live Crew, both kings of party hip-hop in the late 80's. It worked wonders, but the question obviously is: "Where do you go from there?"
The only way possible, you link up with Benny Blanco and do a full on 2 Live Crew homage band: Bangers and Cash! The goal is obviously to remove any last grain of pretentiousness and just go have fun doing it. Doesn't make sense? This is how they describe themselves: "Fat girls in a hot tub, popping bubbly, after a long night of playing slots at Caesar's Palace. We sound like the X rated Motorcycle Diaries meets Kweli on crystal meth!" - there you scenesters!

The good money are on these guys ending high on this years charts - The time is ripe for a party. And by the way, the music actually quite good:
Bangers and Cash - Bitch
Bangers and Cash - Shake That
Bangers and Cash feat. Amanda Blank - Loose

Confused about 2 Live Crew and Fat Boys? Maybe you weren't born, maybe you don't listen to hip-hop:
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny
Fat Boys - Fat Boys Are Back

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