Tuesday, November 21, 2006
KLF mastermind Bill Drummond fears he's losing his interest in music. Now no piece of music is more than a couple of mouse clicks away, it's hard to be really suprised and excited anymore. Not because music doesn't sound as interesting as before, but because it's so easy to get hold of and consume. Like kids permanently locked up in a candystore, we're getting overfed.

Drummond's solution?
"I decided I needed a day I could set aside to listen to no music whatsoever. Instead, I would be thinking about what I wanted and what I didn't want from music. Not to blindly - or should that be deafly - consume what was on offer. A day where I could develop ideas. This day I would call No Music Day. 21st of November.
St Cecilia is the patron saint of music. I have no idea why and I am not interested in finding out. But her Saint's Day is on 22 November. This is the day we are supposed to celebrate music, thank God for its existence. I decided that No Music Day should be on the day before St Cecilia's Day"

I'll be following Bill's lead today - and set off St Cecilia's Day celebrations in style with a midnight Cansei De Ser Sexy gig at the 103 Club tonight. And let music be my girlfriend, beach house, kingsize bed and hot, hot sex all over again...

CSS - Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex
(only to be listened to after the 21st of November, of course!)
In the meantime, do the right thing and get the "Cansei De Ser Sexy" LP here or here
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