Monday, June 05, 2006
We always try to see Techno music from the Pop side
The Cologne-based label Kompakt has delivered some of the most memorable electronic music of this decade and is a favourite here on the blog. Although the sounds on the Kompakt are pretty varied, it’s the minimalist tech house-sound that made the label famous. Even though most of the tracks on the label find their perfect environment in sweaty underground clubs with big sound systems, Kompakt boss Michael Mayer has often stated that the Kompakt sound is essentially pop in its nature. Here’s an excerpt from a 2002 interview, where the Kompakt pop philosophy is explained in detail:

We still do Pop music. The moment you do music like this repetitive music where your parents can't separate one record from the other, it sounds all the same to them. This moment you maybe start to discover little things in the music. They become like a Pop sign, something you can recognise. We always try to see Techno music from the Pop side.

It's maybe just a fragment of the melody. If you take a Pet Shop Boys record and hear a beautiful layer at the beginning, you take this layer and cut it and it only sounds like a blip but you know it's the Pet Shop Boys.«

Now Michael Mayer has actually gotten the chance to remix a Pet Shop Boys track. Normally you would expect to have to listen pretty carefully for the pop elements, as his remixes usually end up as banging tech-house monsters. For this mix, it seems that Mayer didn’t dare to deconstruct his idols in this way, and you'll have no problem hearing Pet Shop Boys in there.
The tune wears its poppiness on proudly on its skin – instead of cutting the track up and making an abstract composition out of the parts, Mayer keeps the vocal and melody, and focuses on giving the tune a nice big room house sheen.

Pet Shop Boys – Flamboyant (Michael Mayer Kompakt Mix)
Buy it here
also available on the double-disc edition of the new Pet Shop Boys album Fundamental

Continuing in the techno-pop direction is a remix of Lovefood from Mayer’s 2004 album Touch, where he and Matias Aguayo splice the track with Kylie Minouges’ Slow, and end up with a dark and sexy affair that we’d love to see Kylie do a video for.

Michael Mayer / Matthias Aguayo - Slow
Buy it here

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